“The scenarios are great to work through and discuss. I am now more confident to start dealing with safeguarding issues and support safeguarding team in the college. Thank you, much appreciated.”

“As a result of the training I will look at safeguarding structure within the Business Unit and ensure everyone is clear on roles/responsibilities and hold regular safeguarding meetings/updates. Thank you Kate :)”


“The breakout spaces work really well and it’s great to draw from collective knowledge. 10/10”


“Hi, I have just completed the Overview of the Complete Safeguarding System, I am a qualified social worker but not practised for a while, therefore found this course very good as a refresher with up to date information regarding the safeguarding process.”


“Following this refresher it is clear the systems we have in place are relevant and efficient. Thank you Kate”


“The refresher was very relevant, good to share good practice and have open discussion with other professionals and from across the group.”


“I liked the threshold information, really useful, and hearing other stories.”


“I wasn’t looking forward to being online all day but it was a great refresher. Thanks Kate


“What worked well? Group discussions. It’s all worked better than I would have expected. 10/10”


“What worked well? Breakout rooms and self led. What would you change? Nothing all great! 9/10″


“Would you change anything about the session? Nope! Loved it! 9/10”


“So many people being on one video chat was great – works better than teams. 8/10”


“It really made me think about the young people we work with and how I need to make sure that I am keeping this in mind. I loved it. 8/10”


“It was good to look at scenarios and apply practice, and to work with different groups and roles. I am going to ensure that I have documentation printed out which is easy to refer to.”


“The breakout rooms are great, whiteboards great. As somebody with ADHD it’s been very easy to get involved and remain involved, so thank you! 10/10”


“What worked well? The breakout rooms and whiteboards, not been that different from a f2f session, and I liked the mixing up of groups. 10/10”


“The workshop rooms and the whiteboard function worked well. Also, being in a different break out room sometimes as it was good to work with different people. 10/10”


“Being able to still write our ideas down as a group even though we aren’t all together in person was really useful.”


“The break out rooms worked well, and the ability to share screens and use text tools. Also mixing up the groups every so often was nice. I think it all worked really well, definitely a great mix of things. 9/10”


“The break out rooms/screen sharing/muting when needed were good. You have made it feel very natural to participate. Thank you. 10/10”


“Moving into breakout rooms and screenshare worked really well.”


“What worked well? There was still lots of opportunity for discussion. 10/10”


“The breakout rooms have worked really well and screenshare and white boards have also been great 9/10″


“The white board and the break out rooms worked really well 9/10!”


“One thing I found useful was how clear the talking has been. 8/10”


“I enjoyed the lack of PowerPoint presentation. 9/10”


“I feel I am more ready to become part of the safeguarding team and be an active member. From start to finish, I have learnt a huge amount from everyone – thank you.”


“Following the training we will review our training of the staff and students to ensure we are current in addressing current trends. It was excellent Kate, thank you “


“Interesting to do a whole day online. I like the breakout function. The training has given my assurance that I am not talking complete rubbish!”


“I wasn’t really looking forward to the whole day online training but it has been a lot better than expectations, been really nice to meet the other staff from other campuses and share experiences…thank you “


“Hello Kate, I really enjoyed the course. I wasn’t sure of the reporting on procedures so it really helped to know what should go into the report. The whole day was informative and interesting. Thank you!”


“Really interactive! Great amounts of talking to us, and letting us get on with tasks. Thank you very much! 10/10”


“I found the break out rooms for discussion very useful. I’d give the training a 9 – very comfortable.”


“The breakout rooms and shared whiteboard worked well. 10/10”


“The break out rooms have worked really well. I hate this sort of thing but it’s been good/ 10/10”


“The group breakouts have been good to discuss with other people rather than 1 big group. Thank you. 9/10”


“It was nice to work with a range of people. 10/10”


“What worked well? Going between a large group and breakout room environments. 9/10”


“Thank you! It’s been really useful, especially in the current climate. Solid 8/10”


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