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Specialists in support for safeguarding professionals working with 15 - 25 year olds
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Hi I’m Kate and I’m the founder of the Safeguarding Association.

The world of child protection can be a daunting place for even the most experienced safeguarding leads. It is a world of processes and procedures, which, even though you know you do your DSL job excellently, can leave you with a feeling of uncertainty about those cases with complex issues.

As senior lead, the responsibility is yours alone and responsibility can be a heavy burden regardless of your experience. And that burden is even greater if you are fighting with services to access support for those aged 15plus.

Here at the Safeguarding Association we work with you to provide support and guidance when you need it.

Work With Me

Remove the uncertainty and loneliness through simple steps.

Through these steps you’ll feel safe when working in this arena, regardless of how complex the situation. You’ll reduce your worry, be confident in the steps you take and ensure you feel you have discharged your responsibilities to the best of your ability. 

Global Safeguarding Summit

Join me and 100s of other safeguarding practitioners for our annual summit

Held every year in October, the Global Safeguarding Summit brings together an array of international practitioners. During the 12 hour day we all share and learn from each other as we talk best practice and hot topics. 

Follow the link below to watch talks from our 2020 Summit. 


Safeguarding Academy

Open courses/webinars on specific subjects to assist you.

The Safeguarding Academy has a range of courses to suit your needs and will help ensure your work is of the highest standard and significantly reduce the adverse scrutiny of your work.

Our courses are for practitioners in the child protection arena. We have a range of open and bespoke in-house programmes available.

Safeguarding Leaders Hub

Join your peers in the Safeguarding Leaders Hub and get access to me and ongoing development.

The Safeguarding Leaders Hub is the heart of our organisation. I support senior safeguarding leads who are busy, overstretched and time poor, keep up to date easily through online CPD and support for difficult and often complex child protection situations

The Leaders Hub is for you if you want easy support, simple updates and 1-1 conversations to help deal with crises and overwhelm.

What People Are Saying

“Training was relevant, hard-hitting, inspiring and flowed really well”

Service Manager

“Interesting course delivered effectively by a knowledgable tutor in this area. Friendly in her approach and able to communicate and explain issues clearly”

Social Worker

“[Training was] interactive, a lot of the scenarios were relevant to our line of work”

Outreach Liaison

Court work: My top 5 tips for social workers

Court work: My top 5 tips for social workers

If you work in the world of child protection, at some point in your career you are going to come into contact with the court system. It is an inevitability. Sadly, too many professionals fear the court room and worry about what on earth happens in that mysterious...

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Introduction to Coercive & Controlling Behaviour

Introduction to Coercive & Controlling Behaviour

In this blog I want to share with you some details and guidance around the offence of Coercive and Controlling Behaviour. The offence of Coercive and Controlling Behaviour came into force in December 2015. It carries a maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment and/or a...

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