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Specialists in supporting non statutory safeguarding leads working with 15 - 25 year olds
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I’m Kate and I’m the founder of the Safeguarding Association.

We specialise in supporting those who work in a non statutory safeguarding role meet their safeguarding obligations. 

Safeguarding is a new world for many in non statutory roles (Higher Education, Youth Groups, Governing Bodies etc).  It can be a daunting place, even for the most senior of safeguarding leads. You are in a unique position: straddling both child and adult protection, but without the clear guidance statutory sectors enjoy.    

Which local authority? What process? Whilst the statutory framework is the same, local practice can vary, considerably. How do you navigate them when you can’t build relationships through regular contact? 

Here at the Safeguarding Association we work with you to provide strategic and practice support so you don’t need to worry and can rest assured you have the right procedures and processes in place, and embedded to protect your young people. 

Work With Me

Remove the uncertainty and worry through simple steps.

We have worked with non statutory groups for over 7 years. We can help you develop, implement and embed your safeguarding strategy throughout your organisation and your partners. Once embedded we can support your senior safeguarding/welfare staff with practice support and guidance. 

Strategic Safeguarding Support

We can help you build, implement and embed your safeguarding strategy

It is crucial your safeguarding practices are appropriate for your organisation.  This can be difficult when you are working across and through various tiers or divisions. 

Ofsted/other inspection bodies will expect to see well embedded practices, understanding and awareness throughout your organisation and structural hierarchy. 

We can help you achieve that.


Safeguarding Academy

Open courses/webinars on specific subjects to assist you.

The Safeguarding Academy has a range of courses to suit your needs and will help ensure your work is of the highest standard and significantly reduce the adverse scrutiny of your work.

Our courses are for practitioners in the child/young adult protection arena. We have a range of open and bespoke in-house programmes available.


Safeguarding Leaders Hub

Practice support and guidance for Designated Safeguarding Leads

The Safeguarding Leaders Hub is the heart of our organisation. I support senior safeguarding leads who are busy, overstretched and time poor, keep up to date easily through online CPD and support for difficult and often complex child protection situations

The Leaders Hub is for you if you want easy support, simple updates, email and community support to help deal with crises and overwhelm.


What People Are Saying

“My biggest takeway from the training was….. The complexity of welfare/safeguarding”

University Disability Officer

“You should work with Kate if you are a senior leader with overall responsibility for safeguarding, so that you gain the knowledge required to challenge staff about their responsibilities and provide assurance to your Board that appropriate measures are in place.”

Deputy Vice Chancellor

“[Training was] interactive, a lot of the scenarios were relevant to our line of work”

Outreach Liaison

Safeguarding Association Blog

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