The Safeguarding Association Training Academy has a range of courses to suit your needs and will help ensure your work is of the highest standard and significantly reduce the adverse scrutiny of your work.

Tailored for you

Every organisation’s needs are different. That’s why all our in-house training is tailored to your needs. Get in touch to talk about how I can help your organisation today. 

Service Features

Engaging training

The law, whilst essential knowledge, can be very dry. Our training is delivered not only with sensitivity but also humour to bring these topics to life

Real life experience

You get the benefit of over 15 years experience of work in the family justice sector allowing examples from real-life to enhance the learning experience

Qualified Trainer

Everyone’s learning style is different. Our training is delivered by a qualified trainer so all learners can get the most out of our training. 

Bespoke Options

I know that every organisation faces slightly different challenges. This is why all our in-house training is bespoke to your organisation.

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