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Be part of a bigger community

Being an Independent Expert can be a lonely profession. Many times we want to bounce an idea or chat through a situation. But who do you talk to when it’s just you in your office? 

Protect yourself

As part of a community of peers, you’ll always have a place of safety. You’ll be kept aware of legal and practice updates and ensure your knowledge on wider issues is current. In doing so, your recommendations are potentially less open to objections. 

Member Benefits



Being an independent expert can be a lonely business.

Join a community of other specialists and experts, share ideas and learn from each other in our private members hub and member only update sessions both on and offline.



CPD on a broad range of topics to ensure your peripheral vision is honed on subjects outside of your specialism but that you nevertheless come into contact with. 


1-1 Support


Access to monthly 1-1 sessions with Kate. You can use these as informal supervision or to discuss issues where you would like individual support or guidance.

You can access support either via our community hub or book a 1-1 time with Kate every month at a time to suit you.


Our Charter


 Safeguarding impacts all areas of practice. By joining the Safeguarding Association you are showing your commitment to our Members Charter which proudly places safeguarding at the heart of everything we do. 

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