What I Do


I help non-lawyers within the Family Justice System, reduce the risk to their reputations when trying to navigate the complex processes through 1-1 support, training and guidance so they maintain their high standards and expert reputation within the sector.

My Philosophy

The family justice sector can be a daunting place for non-lawyers. It is a world of processes and procedures, which, if not followed correctly, can damage your reputation and open your professional judgement up to intense scrutiny. I believe all non-lawyers should be equipped with the skills to navigate the system. 

My Methods

You reduce your risk through simple steps.
– Working 1-1 we can map your way through a particular issue or process.
– You can access open courses/webinars on specific subjects to assist you.
– Or you could join your peers in the Safeguarding Association and get access to me and ongoing development

My Goals

Through these steps you’ll feel safe when working in this arena, regardless of how tricky the situation. You’ll reduce your worry, deliver your findings and analysis confidently, and maintain your professional reputation which will assist in continued work from the sector.



The Safeguarding Association is for non-lawyers working within the Family Justice System. It provides updates, support and guidance to help you navigate legal issues when working within the child protection sector.

Our members put safeguarding and best practice at the heart of their work and demonstrate this through our Members’ Charter




The Safeguarding Association Training Academy has a range of courses to suit your needs and will help ensure your work is of the highest standard and significantly reduce the adverse scrutiny of your work. 

Our courses are for non-lawyers in the child protection arena. We have a range of open and bespoke in-house programmes available. 




Giving evidence or preparing for an interview are daunting experiences. I help practitioners prepare for interviews and hearings within the family justice system using my years of experience.

I support practitioners in their preparation and assist them to understand some of the processes involved. This is not legal advice, you’ll need a legal adviser for that.


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