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Hi I’m Kate and I’m the founder of the Safeguarding Association.

Over the last 15 years working in the family justice sector, I have seen how amazing professionals come under intense scrutiny when they are presenting in the court arena. As a child protection lawyer, and latterly a trainer, I work to empower professionals so you spend less time in the witness box. 

Whilst essential to your day to day practice, law can be an amazingly dry subject. And there is nothing longer than a day having to navigate legal points when your guide is not engaging. I believe that learning about the law surrounding your work can be fun and engaging whilst retaining it’s seriousness. 

I founded the Safeguarding Association after working with so many professionals who were amazing in their own fields but unsure about their role within the various child protection procedures and court processes. Their lack of knowledge was impacting their confidence when giving their opinions in meetings or at court.

After working with lots of experts like you, I realised that what they all needed was the same thing – understanding how to navigate the maze which is the child protection process and court system.

The maze of processes is seen as an alien creature to many who don’t use it daily. I love sharing my experience and knowledge and there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing I have been able to remove some of that mystery so as to allow and expert to be just that, rather than get lost in the myriad of intricacies.

When I’m not working, I spend my down time with my husband and our golden retriever, Sam.

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Address:  One Business Village
West Dock Street, Hull HU3 4HH

Phone: 07502907157

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm

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