Beyond the Referral (8 week programme)

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How confident are you with Section 47 enquiries and what happens beyond referral? In a perfect world nobody would have to deal with this but if you had to, would you know what to do?

Do you find your experience is mostly when a case doesn’t meet threshold for Section 47 enquiries?

Does that leave you confused and ill-equipped to know what to do next?

So much safeguarding training centres around making that referral but what happens when that referral doesn’t meet threshold? As a practitioner recently said to me:

“We talk about the importance of creating a robust chronology in terms of what you are seeing, hearing and noticing to revisit the referral and work hard to mediate risks, identify needs, build resilience and protective factors!” 

And that’s what this course helps professionals navigate. We’ll be covering both sides of that coin: what happens after and what you need to do vs what happens when it doesn’t go to plan and you feel left adrift.

Knowing the rules of safeguarding will empower you to make difficult decisions, and to challenge those views and outcomes which may not be in the child’s best interests.

You will have a solid foundation of knowledge upon which you can authoritatively stand.

Over the course of 8 weeks we will cover:

  • What the rules are around child protection and how they change depending on age and area
  • The Local Authority process for determining if threshold is met
  • Action a Local Authority must take regardless of it’s decision
  • Obligations of a Local Authority around:
    • Child Exploitation
    • Modern Slavery
    • Age Assessments
    • Mental health
    • Honour Based Abuse
  • Where you fit into the process & where your boundaries are
  • How to manage cases which don’t meet threshold and what you can do
  • Legislation, case reviews and best practice at all stages


You’ll be guided by a child protection solicitor with over 15 years experience in the sector.

The programme will be a mix of pre – recorded sessions and live, virtual discussions to help you embed and hone your skills in this area.

By the end of the programme you will feel confident to manage any case which reaches threshold and be comfortable escalating and managing cases which do not. You will be confident and empowered to advocate for your young people with authority. Able to challenge process with credibility and knowledge.

Delegates will all receive a certificate of completion to demonstrate their knowledge in this area.

Course begins on the 12 October 2021. The number of delegates is limited to ensure everyone can engage. Live sessions will take place on Tuesday evenings. We will determine the time to best suit all delegates.

Any questions? Let chat – Book a time in my diary here: book my diary

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